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1. Why the Church Needs Teenagers (and Why You Do, Too!)

2. 7 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace Over Wordpress

3. 5 Questions Every Parent Needs to Ask a Youth Pastor

4. 6 Rules for Post-Christian Sex Talk

5. 4 Ways to Promote Your Ministry Without Selling Your Soul

6. 7 Models Parents Must Give Their Kids for Faith Formation

7. Our Culture Needs a New Apologetic

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May the Real Me Meet the Real You

God Changes Everything

Parent Like the Next Four Generations Matter

Seeing Red: Getting Unstuck from Anger

Because of His Great Love for Us

Live Into the Calling You Received

The Choice, the Plan, the Inheritance!

7 Models Parents Must Give to Their Kids for Faith Formation

The 5 Relationship Cycles with God

Drop the Bricks

Don't Worry, Monday's Here

On Palm Sunday

Anticipation for Christmas and a New Year

Starting Right: Responding to Power and Control in Ministry

The Open Bay Area Recap Videos

I've Got a Case of the Mondays

Happy Resurrection Day

Take Your Head Out of the Sand

Are Pastors Narcissistic… Or Simply Lonely?

Why the Church Needs Teenagers (and Why You Do, Too!)


2 Thoughts on Isolation from Elijah

Is Doubt a Healthy Catalyst for Faith Formation?

Is Your Response to Christian Practices Harming the Faith of Others?

Our Culture Needs a New Apologetic

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Teen - Infographic

Great Leaders Eat Last

Leave Multi-Tasking for What Really Matters

Full House: The Rise of Millennials Living at Home - Infographic

Social Media In a Day

A Glimpse into 2013 Social Media Trends

There are Perks to Being a Wallflower, but…

6 Rules for Post-Christian Sex Talk

"Buckwild" Proves that the Post-Christian Context Exists Everywhere!

2 Observations from a High School Parking Lot


Key Ingredients for a Thriving Ministry Recipe

How to Stop Negative Self Talk

How to Make Fun a Team Value

In What Direction Are You Moving?

Pointing in the Right Direction


How Should a Christian Respond to Power #loveGodloveMexico

And the Lame Shall Walk #loveGodloveMexico

Student Reflections on Kolkata - Video

Reflecting Kolkata - One Month Later

Steps #loveGodloveKolkata

Streets #loveGodloveKolkata

Choices #loveGodloveKolkata

Dichotomies #loveGodloveKolkata

Perspectives #loveGodloveKolkata

Catapults #loveGodloveKolkata


It's Just a Phase, So Get Equipped!

Creating a High School Strategy that Wins!

See You at Orange! #OC15

Make #OC15 Your 'Must Attend' Conference

6 Reasons Why I Choose Orange

Just Consider the Orange Conference

Color Me Orange

Making Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong

5 Things that Great Student Pastors Believe

How Your Church Can Build Marriages That Last

Helping High School Families Get Ready #OC14

Measuring What's Important in Family Ministry #OC14

Get Better at What You Say #OC14

Say Yes to Tension #OC14

Starting a Church for Unchurched Families #OC14

I've Got My Ticket. Do You?

My Personal Journey on How I Became Orange

4 Reasons Why You Need to Sign-Up for the Orange Conference

Harnessing the Dynamic Qualities of Orange 

Get Your Students Off the Couch #OC13

Take a Break From Your Day #OC13

Protect Your Investment #OC13

You Leading You #OC13

For Those Who Could Not Attend #OC13

Orange Giveaway Winner

Orange Friendships

Orange YouLead Giveaway

I am Orange!


On Life and Blogging II

"That Applies to 98% of the Guys Here"

Giving Thanks with a Full Heart

Are You Heeding this Advice?

9 Habits to Make Your Devotional Life Come Alive! 

The Most Important Talk I Heard at the Leadership Summit

In My Absence

I'm 30 - Bueno to a New Era

When Will God Save the People?

A Perspective Shift on My Philosophy of Ministry

7 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace Over Wordpress

Vacating for Rest

Holy Discontentment

How to Breakthrough the 18 Month Wall… and Thrive!

Why I Do What I Do 



Episode 08: Creating Healthy Rhythms in Ministry (and Podcasting)

Episode 07: Are Conferences Worth the Time and Money?

Episode 06: Get Off the Bench and Become a Contributor

Episode 05: When to Nark on Your Students

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Episode 03: How to be an Excellent Youth Worker and Spouse

Episode 02: How to Lead Your Students to Camp Without Breaking the Bank

Episode 01: What Do You Do When You Chunk Your Talk

The 'Thursday Morning Debrief' Podcast

Youth Ministry

Can the Church be a Viable Parent Partner?

What I Want Every Kid to Know Before I Say One Word

Navigating Each Level of Contact Work

Doing Healthy, Faithful Contact Work

Youth Ministry Answers

3 Keys to Earn Trust with Parents

Beware of 3 Mistakes When Building Parent Partnerships

4 Truths When Meeting With a Parent

2 Questions Student Pastors Need to Consider when Partnering with Parents

Leveraging "This Sucks" for Evangelism

Personal Initiatives: 5 Habits to Begin Your First Month on the Job

Professional Initiatives: 5 Habits to Begin Your First Month on the Job

Into the Wilderness with Teenagers

4 Ways to Promote Your Ministry Without Selling Your Soul

6 Ways to Keep the IRS from Visiting Your Ministry

5 Questions Every Parent Needs to Ask a Youth Pastor

5 Questions You Need to Ask to Build Parent Partnerships

5 Keys to Communicating a Successful Vision

3 Clues into My Secret Sauce for Youth Ministry

3 Reasons to Share Your Platform with a Guest Speaker

Parenting Connected Kids

The Art of Meeting with a Parent

Adult Leaders as Chaperones to Adult Leaders as Youth Pastors

The Joy of Living Together in Community

Why You Need to Shift Your Focus from Students to Adults

3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Parent Partnership

Is Shame Ever Healthy?

4 Way to Integrate Your Teenagers into the Life of Your Community

Camp and the Eschatological Formation of Teenagers

The Proof is in the Pudding

Guest Posts

Are You Jealous of My (Filtered) Life?

Why the Camp is High is Vital for Your Student Ministry